German fashion and applied arts graduates Mona Steinhaeusser’s and Julia Aumann’s euregional collective HOIHOI invites you to a holistic world that proposes a new daily dialogue. It is about YOU and Me about Us.

Back in Germany Mona and Julia grew up in a totally different environment. Mona was raised in an anthroposophical context in former West Germany, while Julia was raised within a conventional way of education in former East Germany. Even though it was different, it motivated them early on to create alternative structures. They Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (2015) brought them together, made them question they place in the fashion world and positioned them at the intersection of art, design and performance. After Mona completed her Master in Applied Arts at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and Julia had clarified her point of view through an intensive period of work, HOIHOI got born out of the urge to create a playground that enables to grow within free conditions. They motivation has stretched to create recycled ‘products’ that invite transformative experiences, approaching spirit, mind, emotion and body (SMEB).

HOIHOI can be understood as salute, as friendly, informal 'hello', that approaches and connects people. It forms a space to meet, to exchange, to support and can be seen as platform of subjective encounters. It is about YOU and Me about Us.